1. Vignettes: Sketching


  2. Vignettes: Research and Concept

    This is the first post documenting part of the process of the creation of 3 animation vignettes I will start working on… Welcome.

    Reading many definitions and articles of New Materialism has been hard to understand and aerial but in the book “New Materialism: Ontology, Agency and Politics” I found this paragraph that I identify with; 

    "The aim of existential phenomenology as Merleau-Ponty understood it to return to lived experience before it is written over and objectified by theory. "The first philosophical act would appear to be to return to the world of actual experience which is prior  to the objective world" in order to "restore to things their concrete physiognomy" and thereby to undertake a "genealogy of being". For him, this meant suspending our habitual assumptions about the visible realm in order to look afresh at the genesis of the perceptual world."

    The idea of worlds perceived by objectified experiences and the questioning of what’s beyond of our senses led me to think on that everybody have thought what is dying like and what happen after and this paragraph reminded me to a personal theory and ideas I’ve had related to life, death within different dimensions. We are part of a multiverse and we live them all at once, destined to fulfilled a purpose in our ambient. For this reason we never die as astral beings we just move to the next dimension where everything remains the same as we know it. Once we finish with everything we have to do in life, death come to us doesn’t matter where we are and then comes reincarnation.

    This will be the basic concept the series of 3 short animations.

  3. A commission for an awesome friend

  4. learning some new animation techniques…

  5. Fieta! #illustration #drawing #sex #girl #4

  6. Finally did it! I finished it!!! I designed this type face more than 3 years ago, in the first semester of my sophomore year. And last night browsing thru my docs I saw it and got inspired.  http://cargocollective.com/rands/Tons-Type

  7. Rands is a Collaborative Design and Motion Studio. On the way! check it out how its going… http://cargocollective.com/rands

  8. Under Construction!

    As an artist/illustrator I feel that I have evolved a lot this year. The need to reimagine myself as a brand is imminent, so lately I’ve been fixing my site, working on my new logo and taking the firsts steps for a new long project.  

  9. Preparation!

  10. Kitty Katty

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  13. Meet Dead Joan #sculpture #sculpey #acrylic #toydesign #bust #girl #lady #redhead #illustration #art #zombie (at Randy Morales Studio)

  14. Almost ready #sculpture #sculpey #illustration #bust #art (at Randy Morales Studio)

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